TYLA Projects

Ten Minute Mentor

Ten Minute Mentor features short video segments on topics useful to Texas lawyers. The presenters include legal legends(Joe Jamail, Harry Reasoner), respected jurists (Dale Wainwright, Mary Murphy), experts in their fields (Robert Hirschhorn, Jeff Civins), and young attorneys. Best of all, Ten Minute Mentor is free.

Legal Guide for Cancer Patients

TYLA's Legal Guide for Cancer Patients, prepared by a committee of Texas attorneys with guidance and input from several cancer advocacy centers, is intended to be an informative resource upon which you or your loved one can rely to answer legal questions like, "Am I entitled to time off work?", "Should I have a will?" and "How do I tell my doctors that I don't want to be placed on life support if my condition is terminal?"

And Justice for All

The promise of equal access to justice is one of the basic foundations of our democracy. Texas attorneys continuously strive to make the promise of “justice for all” a reality for Texans living in poverty. Texas lawyers provide pro bono (free) legal services, support non-profit organizations that provide legal assistance to low-income Texans, and work to find new, innovative ways to increase resources for this important purpose.  Please click here to view the 2010 contest for young lawyer affiliates.

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TX Lawyers for TX Veterans

Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans is a State Bar of Texas program to develop and assist pro bono legal clinics throughout the state for military veterans who otherwise cannot afford or do not have access to the legal services they need.

American Juror

American Juror is a web- and video-based project dedicated to informing Texas citizens about jury service.  It contains links to specific information regarding jury service, tips for reporting and serving as a juror, frequently asked questions, detailed information on the trial process, as well as a glossary containing definitions of common words used before and during jury trials.  Also available on the website is a 15-minute video that you may watch to learn about the role of jury service in our American system of justice.

We appreciate your interest in this important civic duty.

Safeguarding Our Seniors

"Safeguarding Our Seniors" is a video prepared by the Texas Young Lawyers association designed to heighten awareness of the signs & symptoms of elder abuse. Watch the video and start looking out for seniors in your community starting today!

You're Hired. Now What?

“You’re Hired! Now What?” is a video program designed to teach students and other new members of the workforce about rules governing discriminatory or unfair workplace environments, through a series of vignettes.

Kids In the Crossfire

"Kids in the Crossfire" is a short video designed to  emphasize the impact of parents' behavior during divorce.  Through dramatizations and interviews with children, parents, judges, and counselors who have been impacted by divorce or work in the family law field, the video gives parents a road map of behaviors to avoid and suggestions for improving communication and minimizing stress on children.