TYLA Project

TYLA Project

TYLA Presents: Divorce Guides for Teens and Children
By: Britney Harrison Dieng, TYLA Director

Each year, thousands of Texas children are affected by divorce or the breakup of families. The divorce process may be hard for them to comprehend, and they may be wondering if what they are feeling is “normal.” In an effort to help teens and children navigate the basics of the divorce process, the Public Service Committee of the Texas Young Lawyers Association is proud to present its Divorce Guide for Teens and Divorce Guide for Children. 

The Divorce Guide for Teens is a trifold pamphlet that is free and printable from the TYLA website. The guide covers basic issues of divorce, such as the pleadings, common terminology and the general divorce process. The guide also gives advice on dealing with emotions in a healthy way, seeking help from guidance counselors, while also encouraging teens to keep the lines of communication open with their parents. 

The Divorce Guide for Children is a free, 25-page coloring book available on the TYLA website. TYLA collaborated with Cassie Reid, Ph.D., LPC-S, to prepare a product that is easy for children of reading age to relate to and understand. The coloring book covers basic issues of divorce, including pleadings, common terminology, people involved with the divorce process, as well as ways to adjust to the new visitation arrangement. The coloring book also reminds children that both of their parents love them, the divorce is not their fault, and everyone is working toward an arrangement that is in their best interest. 

To obtain your free copy of the Divorce Guide for Teens pamphlet, please click here.   

To obtain your free copy of the Divorce Guide for Children coloring book, please click here

Britney Harrison Dieng is a TYLA director and attorney with the law firm of GoransonBain.

Views and opinions expressed in eNews are those of their authors and not necessarily those of the Texas Young Lawyers Association or the State Bar of Texas.

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