Law Students

Law Students

By:  Cherika Edwards

My term with the Texas Young Lawyers Association has come to an end, and I may need to pause for a moment of silence. 

When I became the law student liaison, I thought it was a pretty cool thing, but I didn’t understand the depths of how great the position would be for me as a law student.  After my first meeting, I was beyond grateful and blessed to be selected for the 2016-2017 term. 

The law student liaison's position provides a law student with a plethora of opportunities, but the most important things for me were, and still are, the relationships.  I've built meaningful relationships with attorneys all over the State of Texas.  The directors on the board welcomed me into their families and even into their homes.  I even had the opportunity to help serve for other organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League. 

Furthermore, the opportunity was not just there for me to grow, but the law schools saw growth as well.  I was the voice for every school in Texas, which was BIG.  I hope that my contributions will continue to go toward the betterment of all law schools in Texas and help grow the Law Student Division as a meaningful Bar for law students.

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