Editor's Column

Editor's Column

In October, the leaves start to turn and weekends are spent watching a little more football and doing a little less yard work.  My family is now settling into our routine for the school year. My kids are getting used to waking up earlier, packing school lunches is second nature, I have mastered the best approach to the school drop-off line, and I have finished a basic refresher in elementary math to help with homework. Each year also comes with new challenges.  This year, my oldest will get her first exposure to standardized testing, and my youngest will conquer potty training.    

For lawyers, every year can also bring new challenges. Depending on your practice, those challenges could include recent changes to the law. In this month’s eNews, we have a couple of articles that focus on recent changes to the law. Just like my yearly school routine, these changes will eventually become old hat. But for now, we have some interesting articles about texting and driving (don’t do it) and insurance claims notifications (need to spruce up pre-suit notices). I hope these articles will help you settle into your new routine a little faster.

Enjoy the issue,

Tim Williams is an attorney at Sprouse Shrader Smith PLLC and a director of the Texas Young Lawyers Association.  Tim can be contacted at tim.williams@sprouselaw.com.


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