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ATJ Update

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Who else would have helped Mrs. Roberts keep her home?

She and her husband lived for 40 years in the home they built together. When he died, one of their family members tried to kick her out. She was in her 80s, reliant on Social Security and facing severe disability. Moving seemed as impossible as knowing how to fight the 30-day eviction notice from a trusted relative.

Mrs. Roberts still lives in that home, but only because of legal aid, and its attorneys who believe that justice can be for everyone, if we only fight for it.

That's why we created the Justice for All Campaign – to fund the legal aid organizations dedicated to serving Mrs. Roberts and the millions of other Texans who can't afford a lawyer.

These people are our neighbors, our friends, our fellow Texans. There are so many in desperate need.

To help them, we need you.

When you contribute to our statewide campaign, you make sure that Texans like Mrs. Roberts, who might just live on your street, get to keep what's already theirs.

Legal aid attorneys negotiated with the family member who owned the home. When that failed, they sued for breach of trust and negotiated a settlement.

Now Mrs. Roberts, who always believed she could live in that home until she died, can have what we all want in the winter of our lives: peace. 

We can all have a little peace, on the day our compassion is as blind as our justice.

Please, donate today.

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