TYLA Project

TYLA Project

TYLA’s Teach Safe Project
By: Donald Delgado and Sara Anne Giddings

Teach Safe. Learn Safe. Be Safe. (“Teach Safe”) was inspired by discussions with educators and parents alike.  TYLA created and implemented a website and video project that addresses issues regarding education that are faced by administrators, teachers, and parents in a manner that is understandable to anyone.

The website deals with the complex issues surrounding special education laws and addresses the issues that parents, teachers, and administrators might face. The last section of the website focuses on social media and explores the do’s and don’ts of social media, cyberbullying, and texting. It also provides parents with a familiarity regarding the various social media types and apps.  The goal of the project is to be a one-stop resource for parents, administrators, and teachers to address issues they often face in education law. 

The project also features video interviews with various individuals including a principal, a superintendent, teachers, a school board member, lawyers, and parents. The video component is used throughout the website to further highlight the issues discussed. 

Since part of the project addresses bullying and cyberbullying, TYLA interviewed Maureen Molak, whose son, David, was cyberbullied and subsequently committed suicide.  David’s story inspired new legislation, David’s Law, that changes the education and penal codes regarding cyberbullying.  Under David’s Law, Texas public schools will have the authority to address cyberbulling that occurs off-campus and will be required to notify a bullying victim’s parents of a bullying incident.

Teach Safe is available online at here. To learn more about David’s Law, click here.

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