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They Had A Dream Too

Outside the Woolworth’s in Greensboro, N.C., a plaque commemorates one of the landmarks of the civil rights movement with an apposite quote: “Sometimes taking a stand for what is undeniably right means taking a seat.”

Kids in the Crossfire

"Kids in the Crossfire" is a short video designed to  emphasize the impact of parents' behavior during divorce.  Through dramatizations and interviews with children, parents, judges, and counselors who have been impacted by divorce or work in the family law field, the video gives parents a road map of behaviors to avoid and suggestions for improving communication and minimizing stress on children.

Ten Minute Mentor
American Juror
ProBAR Project

Each year, hundreds of unaccompanied children reach the Texas border after fleeing abuse neglect or persecution in their home countries.  Without adequate legal representation these children remain in detention, unable to navigate the immigration system and facing almost certain deportation to the misery they left behind.

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