You're Hired. Now What?

Knowing Your Legal Rights on Your First Job

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“You’re Hired! Now What?” is a video program designed to teach students and other new members of the workforce about rules governing discriminatory or unfair workplace environments, through a series of vignettes covering topics such as:

• Unfair treatment or harassment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age.
• Denial of reasonable workplace changes requested due to religious beliefs or disability.
• Retaliation against complaints about job discrimination, or assistance given to a job discrimination investigation or lawsuit.
• Worker’s compensation related to on the job accidents.
• Wage and hour requirements.

The video discusses the worker’s rights and responsibilities, if they or their co-workers have been harassed, discriminated against, injured or otherwise treated unfairly by an employer, co-worker or business patron.  If you would like to arrange a showing of “You’re Hired!  Now What?” to your school or organization, please contact the TYLA office at (512) 427-1529 or