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If you are an educator and need resources for your learning environment, you've come to the right place. Click here to access valuable learning materials, prepared by the TYLA for your use, free of charge.

Please give us feedback about any TYLA materials you choose to use in your classrooms, so we can continue to put out products that will be informative and useful to you in your role as an educator.


Educating Educators
A resource guide designed to educate teachers and administrators about their rights, responsibilities and legal obligations.

What Do Lawyers Do?
What Do Lawyers Do is an interactive web-based project from the Texas Young Lawyers Association that is designed to educate high school and college students about how to become a lawyer. The project focuses on preparation for law school, the law school experience, and different career paths for law school graduates. Among its many goals, the project seeks to encourage a discussion about the different aspects of a legal education and the seemingly endless options open to those interested in pursuing a legal education.

TYLA Presents:  What Do Lawyers Do?

The Constitution At School: A Guide for Public High School Principals on the Constitutional Rights of Students on Campus

Your Rights On Campus: A Guide for Public High School Students on Their Constitutional Rights at School

Junior Judges
The Junior Judges curriculum is designed to help children make the right choices in tough situations they will likely encounter in their childhood and adolescent years.