National Trial Competition


The National Trial Competition was established in 1975 to encourage and strengthen students' advocacy skills through quality competition and valuable interaction with members of the bench and bar.  The program is designed to expose law students to the nature of trial practice and to serve as a supplement to their education. It is the Texas Young Lawyers Association intent to provide a meaningful contribution to the development of future trial lawyers. 


The 2015 National Trial Competition was held in Houston, Texas, March 11-15.  Congratulations to the National Champion Team from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Please click here for a full list of the results.

Please click here for a list of the competition finalists.

2015 National Problem - posted Feb. 11, 2015

Important Dates - updated Feb. 10, 2015

NTC Rules 

Please note:  A team must consist of two or three law students attending the same ABA-accredited law school.  For more information and rules please click here.

Regional Competition Information:

Memo regarding the 2014-2015 NTC Regional Problem - released Jan. 14, 2015

Revision and/or Stipulation to the 2014-2015 NTC Regional Problem - released Jan. 14, 2015

Regional Problem - released Nov. 14, 2014

Regional Breakdown - updated Dec. 18, 2014

Reginoal Host Information - updated Dec. 23, 2014

Invitation - please contact Bree Trevino if you do not know if your school is registered.

Entry Form

Intra-School Competition Materials:  Although the method used to select your school's team(s) is left to you, we recommend that an intra school competition be used to choose the regional participants. To help you with your intra-school competition, we have included materials used at the regional and national levels.

The 2014 National Trial Competition was held in Austin, March 26-30.  Congratulations to the National Champion Team from Yale Law School. Please click here for a full list of the results. 

Archived Information

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April 22, 2015
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