About Us

The Texas Young Lawyers Association is a membership organization founded in 1930 and that later became a division of the State Bar of Texas.

TYLA’s members consist of all Texas lawyers who are licensed twelve years or less on June 1 (the beginning of the fiscal year). TYLA’s funding comes directly from the State Bar and grants from various not-for-profit entities, so TYLA membership is automatically included with State Bar membership.

TYLA is governed by its board of directors, who are elected by districts or appointed by the board, pursuant to TYLA’s bylaws and policy manual. Each year, the board works through committees and with volunteers and vendors to complete new resources and promote existing resources.

How to Get Involved in TYLA

TYLA is an “active board,” meaning that most of our substantive work is done by committees consisting primarily of directors on our board. However, we do frequently work with non-board volunteers, members of local affiliates, and participants in other State Bar programs.

Run for the TYLA Board as a District Director

Elections are announced in the January issue of the Texas Bar Journal, which lists expiring terms, and provides a petition form. During February, verify your eligibility as a TYLA member and collect the required number of signatures on the petition form.  If unopposed, you’ll be on the TYLA Board for the next bar year, starting in June, for a two-year term. If opposed, you’ll be on the ballot for a contested election. If you win a contested election, you’ll be on the TYLA Board for the next bar year, starting in June, for a two-year term. Follow us on social media to stay updated on elections.

Apply for an At-Large Directorship

Follow us on social media to stay updated on at-large application information. Watch for the announcement for at-large directorships to be announced toward the beginning of the calendar year (usually February). Timely submit your application by the application deadline. Each year, a TYLA committee selects one at-large director from a large city (defined by the bylaws) and one at-large director from a small city; each serves a two-year term, who’ll be notified of their selection typically after our May board meeting.

Apply for Leadership SBOT (State Bar of Texas)

Leadership SBOT is a leadership class and pipeline program to get involved in State Bar service and leadership; many TYLA directors come through Leadership SBOT. Follow us on social media for LeadershipSBOT announcements. The process requires submitting a nomination form (usually in June or July) and completing a subsequent application with supporting materials. If selected (usually August), you’ll be in a class of approximately 20 lawyers for a year and then, the following year, volunteer in a State Bar of Texas committee or program.

Volunteer for a TYLA Project Committee

Each year, the TYLA President establishes committees and makes appointments to those committees; TYLA usually has projects and programs throughout the year and needs volunteer committee members. Contact the TYLA President to see what committees might need help and ask to volunteer. If there is no availability in the current bar year, contact the TYLA President-Elect to volunteer on a committee starting the next bar year. If you prefer, contact your District Director on the TYLA board. District directors on the TYLA board are the elected representatives from your district and are good sources of information for how to get involved with TYLA. To determine who your district director is, see our “Board of Directors” page.

Get Involved in a Local Young Lawyers’ Association

Many cities have a young lawyers association. Serving as a director or officer of those organizations can also be a path to getting involved with TYLA, as well as provide service, professional, and leadership opportunities in those organizations.