Resources: General Public

As a part of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) takes its responsibility to the general public in Texas very seriously. In this section you will find pamphlets, videos, and other materials addressing timely legal topics.

PLEASE NOTE: These resources offer introductory information about legal topics, but cannot substitute for the advice of a lawyer. If you do not know a lawyer in your area, we recommend you contact the State Bar of Texas to find out about referral services in your area.

American Juror

American Juror is a web and video-based project dedicated to informing Texas citizens about jury service.


Civility for All

Civility for All encourages students to be respectful, engaged, and civil members and leaders in their communities. This project was made possible by a $45,000


Committed to Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures

A guide to involuntary commitment legal procedures. In the mental health community, involuntary commitment is considered a “last resort” option. It is the use of legal means to commit a person to a mental hospital or psychiatric ward against their will or over their protests.


Educating Educators

A resource guide designed to educate teachers and administrators about their rights, responsibilities and legal obligations.


Ending the Violence: How to Obtain a Texas Protective Order

Protective orders are civil court orders designed to cease acts of violence, threatening, harassing, or stalking by abusers. The Ending the Violence pamphlet discusses the basics on eligibility for a protective order, the procedure for obtaining a protective order, and the manner in which a protective order operates in Texas.


Free From Violence

A resource for survivors of domestic and elder abuse. On this website, you will find information about domestic violence and elder abuse laws and resources available to survivors.


If you find one of these resources helpful to you in dealing with legal issues in your life, please give us feedback and share your story with us.

If you do not see any materials regarding a legal issue of interest to you, please contact us to let us know.