Resources: For Educators and Students


If you are an educator and need resources for your learning environment, you’ve come to the right place. Click here to access valuable learning materials, prepared by the TYLA for your use, free of charge.

Please give us feedback about any TYLA materials you choose to use in your classrooms, so we can continue to put out products that will be informative and useful to you in your role as an educator.

The Educator's Toolkit

The Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) has several resources for educators and programs across all grade levels. The Educator’s Toolkit highlights the resources TYLA has created for educators. Several of these resources meet Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards, include viewing guides and/or curriculum materials, and address important social issues that affect students of all grades.

Civility for All

Civility for All encourages students to be respectful, engaged, and civil members and leaders in their communities. This project was made possible by a $45,000


Educating Educators

A resource guide designed to educate teachers and administrators about their rights, responsibilities and legal obligations.


How Texas Courts Work

The "How Texas Courts Work" website includes several informational videos developed from interviews with several practicing Texas attorneys, Texas Supreme Court Justice Boyd, Texas Court


Iconic Women in Legal History

This website focuses on iconic women in our nation’s legal history who have promoted and protected civil rights, fought for equality, and ultimately shaped our present culture.


R U Safe?

R U Safe? is designed to educate children and their parents about online dangers and give them the tools needed to be safe while online. It is intended to serve students at every age level (elementary, middle school and high school) and also contains a section for parents.


Shero – Podcast

A podcast celebrating women in the legal profession focusing on Sheroes and the issues and challenges that face women in the law.


Teach Safe. Learn Safe. Be Safe.

A website designed to give educators, parents, and students an overview of laws that apply to school systems such as bullying, fighting, sexual misconduct, and answers to frequently asked legal questions.


The Choice

The Choice is designed to help teens make the right choice(s) in tough situations they will likely encounter in their adolescent years. It is also designed to inform teenagers of potential consequences, which they and their families may face if they make the wrong decision.


The Little Voice

If you suspect child abuse, it is your duty under the law to report it. Learn the signs of abuse and how to report it.


They Had A Dream Too

They Had a Dream Too is a short film highlighting the achievement of a few of the thousands of young people who made a difference in the 1950s and 1960s when the struggle for civil rights reached its peak in the United States.


TYLA Voter Information Card

Vote America: Court the Vote continues the Texas Young Lawyers Association’s long-standing commitment to producing quality, law-focused education programming for the citizens of Texas and


Vote America

Vote America! educates students about the heroic efforts made for equality and democracy; the struggles of the civil rights era, passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments to the U.S. Constitution are all chronicled in this historical video.


What Do Lawyers Do?

Discover the path to becoming a lawyer. Learn about life before, during, and after you attend law school. How to pay for classes, choosing a school, preparing for the bar exam, and more.


You’re Hired. Now What?

“You’re Hired! Now What?” is a video program designed to teach students and other new members of the workforce about rules governing discriminatory or unfair workplace environments