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Attorney-Client Relationship

Lawyers and clients must be able to communicate freely for clients to receive the help they need, and the attorney–client privilege and the work-product doctrine make this possible. This pamphlet explains the basics of both protections, and seeks to teach clients how to avoid common pitfalls


Client Resource Guide

Members of the public look to licensed attorneys for guidance regarding their most important matters. This guide will help you with the important task of client management.


Diversity Toolkit

The Diversity Toolkit consists of several pieces of the puzzle of having a comprehensive approach to organizational diversity. The four push-cards relate to diversifying relationships, diversifying membership, improving diversity with policies, and improving diversity with projects.


Hiring an Intern

This guide addresses topics and frequently asked questions that employers face when hiring interns. We hope that it proves
to be a helpful resource.


Iconic Women in Legal History

This website focuses on iconic women in our nation’s legal history who have promoted and protected civil rights, fought for equality, and ultimately shaped our present culture.