National Trial Competition

The National Trial Competition (NTC) was established in 1975 to encourage and strengthen students’ advocacy skills through quality competition and valuable interaction with members of the bench and bar. The program is co-sponsored by the American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL) and is designed to expose law students to the nature of trial practice and to serve as a supplement to their education. It is the Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) intent to provide a meaningful contribution to the development of future trial lawyers.

TYLA administers the competition, which attracts teams from more than 140 law schools and involves more than 1,000 law students each year.

The Kraft W. Eidman Award is presented by the American College of Trial Lawyers, and consists of $10,000 to the winning school and a plaque to each member of the winning team. This very generous contribution is endowed by Fulbright & Jaworski. Beck Redden LLP presents a $5,000 award to the second place team, and each semifinalist team is awarded $1,500 by Polsinelli PC. The Best Oral Advocate is awarded the George A. Spiegelberg Award, donated by Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson. The Hon. Lewis F. Powell medallion is presented annually to each regional finalist in the National Trial Competition, as a tribute to the accomplishments of those individuals.

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2021-2022 Regional Problem

  • To download the REVISED problem, please click here*Revisions and/or Stipulations email was sent out January 12, 2022. 

2021-2022 Competition Rules

  • rules for virtual regional competitions – click here
  • rules for in-person regional competitions – click here

2021-2022 Hosts and Regional Competitions

REGIONALS WILL BE IN PERSON OR VIRTUAL – Click here for an updated list of Hosts, contact information and format information.

Regional hosts will be free to decide how to handle witnesses, according to the options in the rules, but teams advancing to Nationals will be required to bring witnesses for the witness pool as we had this year.

If your school advances to the FINALS, each team will be asked to provide two witnesses.  We are planning to hold the competition in person Wednesday, March 30 through Sunday, April 3, 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Should we be required to change the finals to a virtual format, the competition will still be held during the same dates.

  • Important Dates, please click here.
  • Regional Breakdown (Find out what region your school falls in and what school is hosting.  *If you do not see your school listed, please let me know as soon as possible.)
  • Regional Map

Information for Regional Hosts

  • 2021-2022 Host Handbook for virtual regional competitions – click here.
  • 2021-2022 Host Handbook for in-person regional competitions- click here.
  • Ten Tips for Trial by Zoom

Witness, Judge, and Bailiff Instruction Videos – Please use the links below to the instructional videos for each region to instruct your volunteer witnesses, judges and bailiffs. We recommend all hosts watch the videos as well to be aware of the instructions in case of a need for clarification or a protest.

Intra-School Competition Materials

Although the method used to select your school’s team(s) is left to you, we recommend that an intra school competition be used to choose the regional participants. To help you with your intra-school competition, we have included materials used at the regional and national levels.

  • Master Scoring Ballot for Preliminary Rounds
  • NTC Official Scoring Ballot and Scoring Criteria
  • Guidelines for NTC Judges
  • Bailiffs’ Guidelines and Instruction Sheet
  • Bailiffs’ Time Keeping Sheet (optional)

Congratulations to the 2021 NTC Champion Team 129:  University of California-Los Angeles!  Please click here to view the complete results.

2021-2022 Registration Materials

  • To pay online by credit card, please click here.
  • To register online, please click here. – REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED

Archived Information

Click here to view the National Trial Competition Champions

Click here to view the National Trial Competition – Past Problem Archive